Tuesday Poem – Fences

The Photoshopped white picket fence

Always looks better on paper,

But give me the dirty, holey, broken fence,

Because at least it’s real.

Maybe the fence needs to rot away,

To fall down once and for all,

That division between us.

The crazy thing is,

From my side, the grass over there,

Oh, it looks lush and green,

But when the fence falls,

I find just as many weeds

On your side, well-established.

Let’s water together

As we release our tears,

Both sad and happy.

We’ll plant new seeds

Of understanding and compassion.

The blossoms of hope

That grow will choke

Out the weeds of lies,

Hatred, and division.

And no fence will go up–

This is God’s country–

You and I, working


Creating and building,

Sharing and loving.

Fences are walls

To keep others out,

To lock us in.

Tear down the fences.




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