Poetry Tuesday – Dayspring from Above

Softly, slowly the colors mix,

Sparking my soul alive

And bringing a bountiful harmony

Of peace from ages long since past.

Voices echo and fade

In a meadow of blissful dancing grasses,

Yet I cannot grasp the hidden wonders

Of this redeeming place.

The world happens over again,

And I fall yet fly,

Drifting into a transcending slumber,

Remembering why we loved in the beginning.

Time stands still in awe

At the purity of true happiness,

Invading the fragmented hearts

And yielding a wholeness of spirit.

Clear waterfalls gently slip

Over smooth stones,

Mingling waters from above with below,


Soaring high above the valley,

Music playing in majesty

Through my blessed ears,

My eyes seeing

Opportunity shining in each star.

Wavering winds hover

Around my body,

Daring to enter.

Dew rests on the blossoming rose,

Giving meaning to keep living.

Somehow, somewhere, someone is reaching

A higher understanding.

I am that one.

Like a rising sun,

A promise harbors

For a new day,

And I smile in reverence

At its beauty.

Dayspring has broken through.


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