Poetry Tuesday – Intuition

Eyes close, only to be opened;

Nothing really changes,

But only alters forms.

Shapes non-discreet dance

Across the heavy eyelids,

Molding and reworking

The fabric, the essence

Of every woven dream-thread.

Thoughts entwine, intersperse,

Reflected on the still waters

Of afterthoughts.

What is gained

With unknown knowledge

Ingrained on wrinkles of mind

And curves of soul

When the heart pounds its will,

Imprinting insight on the spirit?

Somewhere someone in the depths

Of undiscovered islands of thought

Cries to be saved,

To be spared from drowning

As another nothingness

In a sea of forgetfulness.

Reaching out,

I pull and find who I am.

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3 thoughts on “Poetry Tuesday – Intuition

  1. A recent one? I like it, especially the way you ended on discovery.

      1. Aha…I looked for a date and when I didn’t see one, assumed. Shouldn’t do that! 😉

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