Ashes and Dust

Sand engulfs my hand,

Sinking it farther in to the trap.

I choose not to bask here in the sun,

Wet tendrils of hair drying to my skin,

As the air whips at skin’s softness,

Burning and breaking the surface,

Exposing pain…

I wish to dive

Back into the water,

Swim away.

The clouds roll in like ashen arms,

Mingling with the sulfuric haze.

Breathing into longest lungs,

I want to break free and cry,

Cry for sweet release,

Not stare aimlessly

At towering mountain peaks

Imprisoning my lone form,

Afraid for my life,

That one breath

Might steal away my soul,

Leaving it to fly

On the breaking breeze,

Carrying it somewhere faraway

To burn and smoulder

To ashes and dust.

I pray the tide comes quickly.

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