Poetry Tuesday – Traitor

Don’t talk to me of kindness,

As if that’s true about me.

So many parts you don’t know,

Many more you don’t see.

My base nature is dim–

Self-preservation, childishness,

Impatience, self-seeking above all,

No maturation.

My smiles fall false

As my lips utter lies.

I pause only a moment, reflect,

As the shred of good in me dies.

And kind action–

An ulterior motive.

I seek your approval, your praise

Every time I share my gifts

On any cursed day.

Even as I write these words,

This I know is true:

I’m craving your pity,

But I’ll never care for you.



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4 thoughts on “Poetry Tuesday – Traitor

  1. Hmm,I think this is a very honest poem. I can relate to this in some parts, Like, I act like I care, I act kind and compassionate but there is evil behind every smile, there is a dark entity, lurking, waiting to be unleashed. I am fake happy all the time too. Nice poem, Cynthia, we have the same name. Ha ha.
    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would really like to connect with you.

    1. Wow, thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I wrote this when I was really feeling these emotions in the moment. I’m glad you could understand/relate. I wrote this three years ago and hesitated to share it with other until now. It’s very personal, you know? I’ll definitely check out your page.

      1. I am glad you finally decided to share this here. This is an inspiration to many, you see, I was moved by this.

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