Meg Sorick, Author/Artist

Rummaging through artifacts
A collection of regrets
Reminders of time wasted
And chances lost
Sift out the memories
And donate them to charity
Could anyone be happy
With these castoffs?

“Surely,” you say,
“It hasn’t been all bad…”
But I never see the bright side
Only the might have
And the what if?
And I’ll go to my grave
Wishing I’d done it all differently

(The header image is one of my own paintings; an abstract I’m calling Reflection)

Cleaning and purging always feels liberating to me. Nevertheless, clearing out things I’ve collected over the years always reminds me of different paths I could have taken, different choices I should have made. And I will never, ever be one of those people who says, “Yes, but all those choices make you the person you are today.” While that is true, it also assumes that I am happy with who I…

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Born With Tragedy

Lonely Blue Boy


“But how can we heal with all these tragedies flowing in our blood?” She asked.

“We don’t,” I replied as I held her hand. “The reality of life is that some storms end while some storms don’t. Some dark clouds will follow us all our lives. Dark clouds that remind us of our failures, our inner mental demons and our powerlessness over some things that make it extremely difficult to get on with everyday life.”

“So how can we survive?”

“We survive in moments. Moments when someone who we genuinely care for gives us a glimpse of their own darkness, and that’s when we begin to remember that there’s light, so much light to be found in revealing our own darkness to someone who chooses to embrace it.”

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6 Sources of Productive Background Noise

A Writer's Path

by Kathryn, TFR

Keeping in a similar theme with last week’s post about unique sources of writing inspiration, this week, I’m going to talk about finding sources of PRODUCTIVE background noise.

No, that does not mean pulling up your favorite show on Netflix or Hulu to listen to while you work (In the interest of complete transparency, I’m writing this after starting the fourteenth season of CSI. Do as I say, not as I do, people).

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Poetry Tuesday – Pulled

I open my eyes and try to focus;

Black stretches endlessly ahead.

Extending my arms, I reach for nothing;

My fingers grasp at air.

Dimly illuminated stone walls

Down my left and right,

But where does the light come from?

Not one window or single torch,

Nothing to light my way.

Taking a hesitant step,

I move slowly forward,

And the air looms around me,

Resting on my skin.

I break into a cold sweat.

Quivering step by step,

I walk without knowing what to do.

Silence so still,

I swear I hear something in it.

Stop, listen: bleak and utter silence,

The kind that prickles fine hairs,

Sending chills up and down the spine.

I grow weary and dizzy.

My insides churn and turn.

Ringing penetrates my ears;

My mind whirls and swirls.

Hold on to something: the cold air;

Lean on the damp, hard walls for support,

A useless attempt.

Nothing ahead still, so now where?

Turn around, turn around;

How did I get here?

Breathe in, hold, exhale, relax.

I turn and take a uncertain step.

Preventing my aching foot from going on,

A wall stops me.

Strange, was it always there?

No other choice.

Move ahead again.

Sighing, I continue my pointless journey

To who knows what end

(If there is one).

Sudden cold permeates my being.

I look in horror at the walls.

They lose their solidarity,

Becoming molten and gaseous,

A grey cloud closing in,

Mingling with my skin.

Its absolute zero freezes me still.

I wince inside, close my eyes.

Blackness, at least not that grey.

From nowhere, a hand reaches out,

Right in front of my eyes.

I see no body, no face to whom it belongs.

I hear a low, steady voice:

“You’ll be okay.”

I open my eyes

And am safe in my bed.


My novel, Lorna versus Laura, is available for $4.99 here.

My novel, Hannah’s Rainbow: Every Color Beautiful, is available for $5.99 here.

Marriage Monday #61

A good reminder for all us married folks, also for anyone in a committed relationship! My husband and I will be celebrating our 15th anniversary on Sept. 6. I know it’s easy to find stuff to nag him about (poor guy), especially when it comes to the house, but I try to stop myself. Being a homemaker, I am home a lot more than he is and take care of the house and the kids. He works hard to earn the money to provide for our family. Sometimes it’s just a difference of perspective. Some people honestly aren’t bothered by a messy house as much as others. My husband is a great dad and spends lots of time with the kids and is always supportive of me and my ambitions, so I really have no room to complain.


It’s so easy to zero in on what your spouse is NOT doing in your marriage. Instead, take a look at what they ARE doing even if it is something small.

Think positively this week!

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Monochrome Monday – Black and White Photography (24)

What is it about black and white photography that just looks so darn cool? (Yeah, that wasn’t phrased very poetically, but I think you get my drift.) I love this type of photography of black and white urban scenes. Maybe the monochrome background gives the picture more of an edge, a clarity. I have some old black and white urban decay photos that I ought to share on my blog sometime.

Meg Sorick, Author/Artist

I didn’t have a good entry for Cee’s theme this week, but I was in the city last weekend and took a couple of photos. Street scene and skyline in the low clouds:

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