A Little About Me & A Recipe

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Those in the know are telling me I have to blog. This I will tell you, my blogs will for the most part be short and sporadic. First let me introduce myself. I am a woman of a certain age…hmm. I’m married and have perfect children and grandchildren and one slightly neurotic dog. Sometimes this blog will be about food, decorating, writing, and things that interest me in general. I owned a home furnishings and decorating store for a number of years and was also an interior decorator for many years.

I spend my days writing fiction, making up cozy worlds for my characters to live in. I try to create havoc and mysteries—murders—for the characters, who live in these cozy towns, to solve. Characters, who once I have laid them down on the page, do anything they darn well please. There’s no controlling them. I know that may seem…

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