5 Main Benefits of Creative Writing Workshops

Agreed on the benefit of writing workshops. I also would like to mention writers groups. They can serve a similar function, although typically, the writers bring material to the group that’s already written and read by the group members. Then critiques are made. This is versus doing writing exercises in a group setting. I’ve been part of a writers group at my local library for almost two years now, and I find it extremely beneficial. I always encourage other writers to seek out a group like this. I have also become friends with several of the group members.

A Writer's Path

by Sara Kopeczky

Joining a creative writing workshop can be scary, especially for beginners, because allowing others to read your writing means also allowing them to criticize your work as well (hopefully in a constructive way). However, I think that the pros by far outweigh the cons. Here are some of the major advantages of creative writing workshops I have identified so far from my own experience:

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