Naked Before God: Trials and Tribulations

I have heard it said that even yelling at God, even cursing at God is prayer. It’s talking to God, even in anger, frustration, hurt, or sadness. Or, dare I say it, blame? I understand far too easily the feeling of being upset with God because of my life’s circumstances. I have wanted to blame God. I have asked why. I have even questioned if God loves or cares about me…if He exists. I believe true faith must have a shadow of doubts. Doubts can make faith stronger when worked through and not ignored.

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Praying in true humility can be difficult for us, particularly early in our Christian walk, yet for many of us, getting through the trials and tribulations of this life may be even more difficult. These are times of disappointments, problems, hardships, and sometimes these can lead to despair and desperation; we might even begin to wonder if God has forgotten all about us. Even worse, we might begin to think that God is exacting punishment upon us for something we have done or not done; oh yes, these are hard times indeed.

More than any other time in this life, times of hardship are times when we need to approach God’s presence holding nothing back, laying everything out in the open, times when we need to bare all before the God who sees all anyway. This is not only a time for praying in humility, it is also a time…

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