How to Protect Against Plagiarism If You Post Fiction Online

Good article on plagiarism. One of my Harry Potter fan fics was plagiarized years ago…and translated into Russian! My followers and fans on spotted it and reported it to me. I contacted the owner of the Russian site, and it got taken down. The things people will go through to try to make someone theirs! (And no, the person who took my fic didn’t give any indication that it belonged to me, no mention of me being the original writer of it).

I keep all my original works backed up in multiple areas, and I only share excerpts of those before they are published.

A Writer's Path

by Sarah Pesce

Let me start this off by saying plagiarists are the WORST.

Unfortunately, plagiarism is made easier than ever with self-publishing these days. If you post your work online – on fanfic forums, on Wattpad, on critique sites, on your own website, etc. – you run the risk of that work being stolen and put up for sale as an ebook, with someone else potentially making money off of your labour.

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