Every Once in a While

Ink Soaked Soul - Megha Bhartiya

Every once in a while,
You should let go and cry.
Let your emotions taint your bloodstream.
Let that pool of tears dry.

Every once in a while,
Let that fury inside of you leak.
Let lose the pent-up frustration and fire.
Burn up, yell loud and scream.

Every once in a while,
Be honest and courageous.
Don’t betray your feelings and yourself.
Be brave and let the truth speak up.

Because not every once in a while will you get a chance to do so.
Don’t let it all build up in you,
Don’t let it reach the threshold.

To feel alive you have to be humane,
Remember that the pleasure will always come with some pain.
And though some kinds of sorrows you cannot avoid,
Try and evade your heart and you’ll end up destroyed.

If you’re lucky enough,
Your emotions will explode in a thunderous…

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3 thoughts on “Every Once in a While

  1. Cynthia! Thank you so much for reblogging dear, it means a lot 😄💜

    1. My pleasure! I enjoyed reading your poetry. 🙂 You are very profound for a teenager. You are an old soul. 🙂

  2. Oh dear! That is one compliment I know I’ll always cherish, thanks alot! 😊💜

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