Amsterdam, Van Gogh, Self-Doubt

I’m nearly done reading the biographical novel of Vincent Van Gogh’s, Lust for Life. Thus, I’ve been thinking a lot about him: his legacy, his paintings, the way he saw and experienced the world, his passion, the man himself. I am in awe of so much about this amazing man that I cannot even put it into words, but whenever I look at his paintings, that renders my words unnecessary.

Sketches from Berlin (& Parts Beyond)

800px-VanGogh-self-portrait-with_bandaged_earThink back 10 years, and things were different, the circumstances, the mood of the people, in short everything. ~ Van Gogh to his brother Theo

It had been 9 years since the last time I was in Amsterdam, but for the sake of the quote above, we’ll say it was 10.

10 years ago, in May of 2008, I was 36 years old, still living in Boynton Beach, Florida, still working full-time in my construction equipment rental business, I still hadn’t traveled out of the USA yet (and thought I never would), George W. Bush was still president, there was a hysteria that we were on the verge of a second Great Depression, social media was still in its infancy, George Carlin, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Osama bin Laden, Robin Williams, my former mechanic Kevin Wagner and Laverne Clarence Gagne, a pro wrestling legend whose signature move was the belly-to-back suplex…

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