Happy Fall Y’all!

Fall is in the air! This is a lovely tribute to the changing of the seasons, so beautifully written!


f222e7d520326aa28cc22f17638e703e[1]Happy Fall Y’all. No, I’m not a Southerner, but I love to say that! I’m a Mid-Westerner who’s being drenched in buckets of rain these days and praying for the magnificent, sunny days of Indian Summer. As my mother used to say, and I would guess yours too, “It’s raining cats and dogs out there.” As a little kid, I’d run to the window, and I’ll be danged if I could see those cats and dogs coming down. And I worried too—would they be hurt when they hit the ground!?

Our leaves haven’t started to change yet, but I want to believe all this rain will turn the trees into a glorious display of vibrant red, brilliant yellow, and eye-popping orange, all mingled with a gingery amber. Each leaf glided by the sun. It’s coming, and I’m excited to see Mother Nature dressed in her finest. It’s over in a…

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