Write *Something* Every Day

Yes, writing every day is hugely important for any writer. Even if it’s 10 minutes, it’s something. We can all find 10 minutes. I started my writing by promising myself I’d write for 15 minutes a day, if nothing else. I stuck to it, and now, three and a half years later, I’ve written 5 manuscripts, published three books, and have two WIPs. I write at least 30 minutes a day now, but still, I think it’s pretty amazing what a person can accomplish!

A Writer's Path

by Josh Langston

Writers write. It’s as simple as that. Good writers tend to write a lot. That’s a big part of how they became “good” writers. If you aspire to become a writer, or if you’re already a writer and you want to improve your craft, the only way to ensure you’ll make progress is to put your butt in a chair and your fingers on a keyboard.

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