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This post is hard to write. The text in 2 Peter Chapter 2, doesn’t lend itself to being broken down into “bite-sized” pieces upon which to easily chew on one at a time, rather it is one big thought.  Reflecting on it bit by bit would probably cause us to stumble into the same mistakes made by preachers and commentators for centuries, and before we would finish, we’d be pointing fingers here and there and hollering about fire and brimstone; things better left to God, who has reserved all rights as to vengeance and wrath to Himself!

So, for best results, please read Chapter 2 now…

OK, welcome back, wasn’t that a scream!  There are a few verses that we ought to take a closer look at…

Verses 1-3: Peter sets up the discussion: But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among…

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