Moody Blues

writing to freedom

I discovered a new style of poetry from Vashi’s blog called a Sidlak. It’s a structured poem consisting of 5 lines with 357syllables for the first four lines and a color for the last line. The color describes the whole poem or feelings of the writer. Here is Vashit’s Sidlak called craving.

Moody BluesMoody Blues, poetry


sliding down

endless days and nights

filled with the haze of sadness

pain wraps around my heart like a vice

moody blues


Thankfully, I’m not stuck in depression like I was for many years. I’ve learned that resisting my feelings or life circumstances only makes them stronger. Now, it’s more like brief visits from an old nemesis. We know each other, we give our best, and we dance around for a while. With more practice, I want to embrace the blues as a friend in…

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  1. Thank you for the kind reblog Cynthia. May nature inspire your week, Brad

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