Let’s Talk: Book bloggers and hiatuses// Where does blogging pressure come from, and how can we fix it?

I think there can be a lot of pressure to keep blogging or keep vlogging or keep producing content when you have a social media presence and people who enjoy/follow you and your content. The pressure shouldn’t be the reason to keep going, as that can be draining and stressful. What people need to realize is that online personalities have lives offline, just like everyone else. It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to change direction. ❤ It's more than okay to be kind to yourself.

When I get down on myself, I say, "What would I tell a friend who's going through a hard time?" I certainly wouldn't criticize them! I'd be kind and understanding. Then I try to take that same approach with myself.

Ryann the Reader

Hi there everyone! Today’s discussion has been on my mind for about a week or so, but I wanted to take some time to organize my thoughts before I threw all the words at you.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve seen five bloggers I follow say they’re taking a hiatus, some of them indefinitely. They all had a few different reasons, but one of the things they all said was that blogging, combined with everything else in their lives, was stressing them out. The thing that got to me, though, was that, in the end, each of them apologized for leaving, saying they feel guilty for leaving their blogs.

Which begs the question: where does that pressure come from? How do bloggers get to the point where they feel guilty for taking care of themselves? And how do we try to minimize that?

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1 thought on “Let’s Talk: Book bloggers and hiatuses// Where does blogging pressure come from, and how can we fix it?

  1. I agree. It’s all overwelming at times.

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