Blogmas 2018 – Day 16 #christmas #blogmas #blogmas2018 #christmas2018

Hope for the Christmas Season

Such beautiful music fills the air,429377_10151361094345030_1804996509_n
Bringing its promise everywhere.
From far away souls, to those near, 
The message is the same, year after year.
To a place and time beyond does transcend
God’s mercy that does not end.
Many are lost, lonely, angry, or sad,
But true love overcomes all that is bad.
In moments of silence,
Let us fall to our knees in repentance,
Our true selves laid open and bare,
Every thought and feeling to share,
Not to feel awful and full of shame,
But rather to call on Jesus’s name.
Remember this and be thankful
For a most precious gift so beautiful,
Not only at Christmas, but all through the year,
Loving others as He first loved us so dear.
In right spirit of giving over receiving,
Let us hold fast to our blessed Savior, believing
That He is forever and everywhere.
Life in hope and not in fear.


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