9 Reasons Why You Need a Cat in Your Life

The Cat's Write

Cats are without a doubt the most enigmatic creatures on the planet. Somehow, these fluffy little monsters worm their way into our cold, little hearts and make us adore them, feed them and play with them – all day long.

They even make you sing songs, really weird songs, like about how mean they are (and how yet despite all this, we still love them!?)

9 Reasons Why You Need a Cat in Your Life

1) You will never be alone, ever again. When you cook, when you sleep, when you sit, when you write, when you pee. There they’ll be

cat writing

2) If you’re finding it difficult getting up early in the morning for the gym, well… never fear, the cat is here! (To wake you up and terrorize you)

cat craxy bed.gif

3) Apparently, cats can reduce anxiety and stress with their purr. This is despite waking you up at 1 am…

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1 thought on “9 Reasons Why You Need a Cat in Your Life

  1. This is SO funny! I am on the fence right now about a cat.

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