Journey Through Lent/Poetry Tuesday – Sought and Found

In a world that seeks truth

Amidst millions of lies,

Where most so-called values uncouth

And anything loosely flies,

From where do we gather

In hopes to find

What is right, rather

Than the easy way to bind

All virtuous, righteous, and good

Acts of pure selflessness

From our own brotherhood?

But rather crude and careless,

Even cruel and utterly wrong,

Are the means by which we instead

Try to distinguish life’s complex song

Of good and evil along the road we tread.

Little, it seems, is black or white,

But thousands of greys blurred,

And do we strive only in spite

Of the animosity stirred

Within our guilty heart

That no longer beats as one,

But instead all torn apart

And completely coming undone?

Ah, but the true and only path

Is not wide but quite narrow,

And if we are to be saved from God’s wrath,

Then as real as our flesh, blood, and marrow,

We would do wise and right to seek

The only Truth in the otherwise condemned world,

Whose future is quite bleak,

And turn away from dark daggers hurled

At our hearts, intended to bleed

For a cause horrid and unjust,

And instead plant the mustard seed

And place our faith where we must

In things not of this world but of above,

Opening our heart to Jesus and His saving grace,

Receiving His sacrificial love,

Its radiance a caressing, comforting embrace.

–written in 2004

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