Journey Through Lent – My Prayer to the World

I come before You, O Lord, not to ask for fulfillment of my personal, selfish desires, but to be a seeker of Your wisdom and a follower of Your faith.

I come before You, O Lord, not to ask for Your wrath upon my enemies, but to ask for Your help in letting go of my hatred and contempt I have toward Your children.

I come before You, O Lord, not to blame You for the world’s problems, but to ask that You continue to be a guide to us and love us as Your own.

I come before You, O Lord, not to stand tall and tell You that I have all the answers, but to bow before You and realize You alone possess the universal knowledge of love and life.

I come before You, O Lord, not to beg for unholy forgiveness of my sins, but to ask You to accept my confession of my wrongdoings and my repentance in Your name.

O Lord, You alone are my strength, my healing power, my guiding light, my creator, my savior, and my father. I pale in comparison to the great power You have bestowed upon this earth and the miracle of life You create every waking second of existence.  Without You, there is no past or future, no life or death; nothing exists without You. You are not just mine alone, and I want to share You with the whole world as You have shared Your world with me and every child You so tenderly love. As Your child, it is my only hope to mirror myself in Your image and model my behavior after You. I bless You, O Lord, for today and for every day that You continue to uphold Your promise of love toward Your children. Blessed be Your name on this day and every day to come and every day that has passed, for You alone are my everything, O Lord, I love You.


–written in 2000

(I apologize for being a day late. As this isn’t really a poem, I guess it’s okay.)


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