Poetry Tuesday/Journey Through Lent – Good Friday

Why should we feel at a loss

When we see Him hanging from a cross?

With His life he did pay

For the sins we commit every day.

We can sit here and ask why

Our Prince of Peace had to die.

Maybe our minds will one day realize

That if we truly open our eyes,

We could see His pained face

That knew all our disgrace.

Eyes are blind to truly see

Why Jesus died for you and me.

Only when we see through the heart

Will the distance between Him and us depart.

Blessed are those who believe

That all of our hurt He can relieve

If we stop trying to demand

And instead try to understand.

Stop living life as if it’s a race.

When you come face to face

With the heart of the Son,

You will know you have already won,

For when you accept the Lord in your heart,

From Him you will have be apart.

You and I, we will then know

That in Christ’s love we can grow,

And we will no longer feel at a loss,

For He gave us His love when He died on that cross.

–written in 2000

1 thought on “Poetry Tuesday/Journey Through Lent – Good Friday

  1. What a great poem! Nothing makes me happier than to think of what Jesus did for us.

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