Poetry Tuesday – Inverted Reflections of Reality #poem #poetry #Tuesday #amwriting

The events of my life mirror themselves

On the calm waters of the static river,

For now no water flows.

This is when I look at the whole picture

And reflect upon how I arrived at this point.

These images are not what they seem,

Appearing to compose my entire life,

For when I try to fit them into my reality,

They are non-superimposable, seeming-only memories

Of what I once believed was true.

The water begins to churn and twist,

Distorting all that once appeared clear.

Things are no longer understandable,

And I see the truth in all that confusion:

All I once envisioned was nothing

More than inverted reflections of reality,

And I am no more than one ripple in the river.

–written in 2000


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