Poetry Tuesday – I Am… #poem #poetry #tuesday #writing

I am alone.

There you see me

Surrounded by a million people,

But I am alone.


I am sad.

There you see me

Smiling and telling jokes,

But I am sad.


I am angry.

There you see me

Calmly telling everyone it’s okay,

But I am angry.


I am confused.

There you see me

Looking like I’ve figured it all out,

But I am confused.


I am lost.

There you see me

Admiring how I know my direction in life,

But I am lost.


I am sinful.

There you see me

Praising me for all my kindness,

But I am sinful.


I am just a person.

There you see me,

And you glorified me to be something else,

Something bigger and more important

Than any human could ever deserve.

You prided me like I was someone special,

But even you betrayed me

When you found out that my heart is just like yours.

It is a human heart,

And it can be broken.

And it was.

I am just a person.

–written in 2000

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