Poetry Tuesday – To… #poem #poetry #amwriting

To love, but to not be able to show it,

To hate, but to pretend to love,

To want to cry, but to smile for a while,

To want to smile, but to break down in tears,

To be quiet, but to scream from within,

To scream, but to remain silent,

To want out, but to be trapped inside,

To want in, but to be locked outside,

To remember, but to want to forget,

To want to forget, but to recall all those memories,

To never give up, but to feel hopeless,

To lose all hope, but to still have faith,

To yell at the top of my lungs, but to whisper in fear,

To speak so softly, but to yell so loudly,

To forgive, but to not deserve forgiveness,

To hold a grudge outwardly, but to forgive in my heart,

This is how I feel about some people.


-written in 2000

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