Poetry Tuesday – A Story of Love #poem #poetry #writing #amwriting

Do you want to hear a story

That could be true?

Are you sure?

Do you realize just what

You will be subjecting yourself to?

Very well, I cannot stop you,

Just as I could not stop…

What could I not stop, you ask?

I could not stop my heart

From falling in love,

Despite knowing what I risked.

I could not stop my pain

From ever leaving me in peace

Because my mind insisted on

Remembering why I loved in the beginning.

No heart knows pure happiness,

Just as no mind knows pure sanity.

We all find ourselves lonely,

Wanting someone to hold us,

Even if we do not admit it to others.

I refuse to believe

That anyone would want

To live life entirely alone.

Every human being needs love,

Although sometimes that love

Is hard to find.

Some of us refuse that love

Once finding it

Because of fear of losing it,

Fear of suffering pain

Like I have,

But I did not refuse love.

I would rather know love

Just once in my life

And suffer forever

Than never know love

And live in hatred and fear.

To me, this is true courage.

To truly love is to truly live,

And to be daring enough

To truly live can only be achieved

By true courage of the heart.


–written in 2000 (when I was at a young age of exploring falling in love and figuring out what that meant)


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