2020 Resolutions & Looking Back on 2019 #amwriting #2020resolutions #newyear

In 2019…

  • I published two novels (well, one to come in Jan. 2020), Rocks and Flowers in a Box and Mile Marker 139. This is the first time I published two novels in the same year.
  • I continued to attend two writer groups and make wonderful friends in both, critiquing others’ works and having mine critiqued.
  • I attended the third annual writers conference in my local library community in October.
  • I finished my seventh manuscript (Murder: It’s All in Your Head, to be published in 2020 or 2021).
  • I started my eighth manuscript (The Apple of Erin’s Eye).
  • I wrote five short stories.
  • I entered several short story contests.
  • I became a paid book reviewer.
  • I read 43 books.

In 2020…

  • I will finish my eighth manuscript.
  • I will publish my sixth novel (Murder: It’s All in Your Head).
  • I will write the third novel in the Lorna & Tristan series and hopefully another psychological thriller (like Murder: It’s All in Your Head) called Auditorium 6(66).
  • I will write more short stories and continue to enter them in contests.
  • I will continue to attend my writers groups.
  • I will keep reading.
  • I will keep reviewing books for pay.
  • I will create a profile on Fiverr as an editor and hopefully get some jobs.
  • I will launch my vlog series, Write that Book, Busy Mamas, on YouTube, starting January 6, aimed at helping busy moms (and others) write their first book.
  • I will take it easy on myself and reassess my goals as necessary. I came to the realization in 2019 that due to being a mom, I only have so much time, and it won’t likely be until my youngest starts full-day kindergarten in the fall of 2021 that I will have the proper time I need to devote to my writing. Until then, I will keep plugging along and do what I can!

In four and a half years since I committed to my writing goals, I’ve published five books and written eight! I’ve joined two writers groups. I’ve made many wonderful friends, people I wouldn’t have met had I not decided to commit to my writing! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year!

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