Writing is a Solitary Pursuit. Being Read, a Sociable One.

Kelly Griffiths

Writing is a solitary pursuit. I remember telling my professor-uncle I wanted to be a writer. His response was that I should prepare for a painful, lonely existence. I was in college and had taken a few writing classes. Still high on workshop praise and being ever the pragmatist, I decided writing was the “career” for me. At that time I hadn’t heard the one— What’s the difference between a writer and a large pepperoni pizza? The pizza can feed a family of four. To be fair, my counselor tried to steer me into editing. I wasn’t having it. My uncle’s warning went right through me.

I was all about my books, all about becoming the next Stephen King. I still have the dance program with my bio that states exactly that. I’m gunning for you, Mr. King. And now, in my writer’s group, they often tell me (because they…

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