Everyone Wants to be a Writer

My writer friend makes some good points on writing. I’m thankful she’s still blogging, even if I’m not. 🙂

Kelly Griffiths

But almost no one wants to write.

Even writers don’t always want to. Let’s define a writer, shall we? Because I’ve met people who write my socks off, yet they don’t consider themselves “writers” because they’ve never been published. (Nevermind the fact that they’ve not actually submitted anything!) Any person who writes regularly is a writer.

What about author? Ooooooh. Author. Want to know the difference between a writer and an author? A writer can write anything; an author writes novels, poems, or stories. That’s it. You say you’re an author, and people see you like this:

Uh, no. We are hunched over, tongue-tied introverts with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Perhaps the hyped-up image of writers is why people think they want that life? I wonder if it’s like wanting to be Bon Jovi but not wanting to sing? I get it. Not everyone loves grammar. Some people don’t like…

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1 thought on “Everyone Wants to be a Writer

  1. Thanks for reblogging my post! 🙂 You are busy writing up a storm, girl. Press on.

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