#BookReview “Murder: It’s All in Your Head” by Cynthia Hilston

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4/5 Stars!

Emotionally and physically beaten and abused as a child, Helen Hawkins “blacks out” to avoid the horrors. What she at first believes to be daydreams, she realizes are the minds/bodies of other people.  Others who have easier lives where they’re loved and wanted.

Unlike her.

The death of the mother she loved, yet despised for not protecting her, and rejection from the only person she ever fell in love with leave Helen alone with her abuser… her minister father. She also has a new ability. She no longer suffers blackouts, but instead can possess the minds/bodies of others. Furious at never having the love and compassion so many take for granted, Helen will use her “gift” to “escape” and exact revenge on her father… and many others over the next one hundred years.

When two of her victims meet up in a mental hospital, they struggle to…

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