Arianna_coverArianna Banks never committed to anything, whether a relationship, a job, or her education.  Carrying a reputation of sleeping around because of an atrocious incident that scarred her as a child, Arianna’s poor self-image has been her downfall.  When her parents die in a plane crash, she grieves and wonders what she is supposed to be doing with her broken life. Determined to live up to the ideals of her late parents, she makes several rapid changes–to the concern of her nana, who she now lives with.  She quits beauty school to work at a call center for a large charity. Convinced she is making some positive changes and doing important work, Arianna isn’t prepared for a young man named Marc Arnold to challenge her to achieve her dreams, namely her writing. Arianna grows closer to Marc, but she tells herself she won’t be at the mercy of another guy again.  Marc isn’t ready to give up on her, however. Now Arianna must choose the easy out of walking away or confessing her unsavory past to him. In the midst of trying to figure out her love life, Arianna excels at her telemarketing job, but does she choose what’s familiar or dare to pursue her heart’s song, as Marc encourages her? Can Arianna finally break free of her past failures to move forward and have a fulfilling life?

Arianna is the great-granddaughter of Lorna and Tristan Blake from the Lorna & Tristan Series.


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