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  • Excerpt from Arianna

    The sky was vibrant orange and pink over the lake as Marc and I sat on his couch. “You have a million-dollar view,” I said. “I’d like to think it’s priceless.” I turned toward him and smiled.  His right arm was draped around me as I sat with my legs pulled up on the cushions. […]

  • Excerpt from Arianna (WIP)

    Friday evening, after closing the book, I went to my familiar place at the vanity and sat.  My tattered journal was now full, so I reached for the paper bag that held a new one.  On the way home from work, I’d taken a detour to a historical part of one of the western suburbs […]

  • Excerpt from WIP Arianna

    Read Chapter One  Chapter Two Ping!  I raced into my bedroom, still dripping from the shower, trying to keep the towel pulled up around me.  My hands fumbled as I grabbed the phone off the bed, nearly dropping it on the hardwood floor.  It wouldn’t do to break another phone.  If I were smart, I’d invest […]

  • Excerpt from Mile Marker 139

    Today I’m sharing with you chapter three of Mile Marker 139. Read chapter one here and chapter two here. Chapter Three: Russ Jacobs His eyelids are growing heavy.  He’s used to lengthy stretches of road and long hours.  When it’s been nearly eleven hours of driving with only two thirty-minute breaks, Russ knows it’s time to […]

  • Excerpt from Mile Marker 139

    Today I’m sharing chapter two of my work in progress, Mile Marker 139: You can read chapter one here: Chapter One Chapter Two: Sarah Wilcox “Four years and all that money, and this is what you’re doing with it?” Mrs. Wilcox asks for what feels like the hundredth time that week as Sarah readies for work. […]

  • Excerpt from Arianna

    Today I’m sharing with you chapter one of my current work in progress, Arianna: “Welcome to Jeanine Marcus Salon and Spa.  How may I help you?” “Oh, my God.  What did you do to your hair, Arianna?” I looked up from examining my nails, the one on my index finger black and the others blood […]

  • Excerpt from Mile Marker 139

    Today I’m sharing with you an excerpt (actually the whole first chapter) of my unfinished story, Mile Marker 139: Chapter One: Mike Popkins The wheels squeak as he pushes the mop bucket across the floor.  A couple of surly truckers look up from their venti coffees and glare.  He’s used to it.  He hates the […]

  • Excerpt from Lorna versus Laura (unpublished)

    When Mr. Rock Garden stepped into the flowerless place next door, for the first time, he seemed to be standing amongst tombstones.  He was the only living thing.  His back was to me as the orangey hue of dusk settled on his hunched shoulders.  I watched carefully, leaving my chair to go to the window […]