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  • Vlog Series: Write that Book Busy Mamas! Vlog #1 – Welcome and Introduction #vlogseries #writethatbook #busymoms #amwriting #writingvlog #firstbook

    In 2020, make the promise to yourself to finally write that book you’ve always wanted! I’m here to help! Follow me on YouTube and join me on the journey to writing your first book. This video series is targeted mostly at busy moms (like me), but anyone can benefit from these short videos, where I […]

  • Why Reading Matters: From a Little Girl Who Hated Reading

    Why Reading Matters: From a Little Girl Who Hated Reading

    The second hand seemed to take an eternity to make one lousy rotation.  Tick.  The minute hand moved the slightest fraction.  A minute is forever to a seven-year-old sitting on the living room couch next to her mother, the simple supposed easy-reader book between them. “Go ahead.  Sound it out.” The mom’s words could have […]

  • Keeping the Perspective

    Keeping the Perspective

    It’s hard sometimes when in the midst of a problem to see past it.  Everything looks blurry.  The road ahead is unclear. It’s easy to let emotions take control during these trying times, and next thing you know, you’re blowing up a balloon meant for a birthday party into a hot air balloon — yes, […]

  • The Value of Fan Fiction

    My story has over a million reads and over six thousand reviews.  Wow.  Impressive, right?   Notice that I said “story” and not “book.”   That’s because what I’m referring to here isn’t an original story written by me that’s been published as a book.  Rather, what I’m talking about is a work of fan […]