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  • Excerpt from Murder: It’s All in Your Head (Introduction of the Villain – WIP)

    The girl stood just beyond the threshold of the entrance into the kitchen. The phone had rang. The mom had answered. In the background, the small T.V. on the counter droned on with the evening news. The girl glanced at the screen and smiled. The mom hung up the phone, unsettled. She turned back to […]

  • Excerpt from Murder: It’s All in Your Head (Opening Scenes – WIP)

    “Mr. Williams, please take your medicine, and we won’t have a problem,” said the middle-aged nurse with the poofy hair. The hair he hated. It drove him crazy. “How many times do I have to tell you, Poodle, that I’m not Mr. Williams?” The nurse sighed. “Please call me Nurse Stephens, Mr. Williams.” Her tone […]

  • Excerpt from Murder: It’s All in Your Head (Opening Scene – WIP)

    Eighteen-year-old Cassie Meadows was riding her bike to Jefferson High that early May morning when a light blinded her. She shielded her eyes as the bike spun out of control. When she opened her eyes, a wall of old books stared back. She blinked, taking in several of the titles: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, […]

  • Excerpt from Flushed (Horror Short)

    When I wake in the morning, I start for a moment, forgetting where I am. Greg shifts in the bed. I turn, imagining Mom lying there, but then a grin spreads across my face. I take in his messy dark hair and two days of beard growth on his strong jaw. His brow furrows like […]

  • Special Sneak Peek at My Next Horror Short Story

    Flushed Mom sleeps in my sock drawer. I suppose if I were a better daughter, I would clean out the socks that don’t have matches or the ones with holes in them. At least the socks are clean, which is more than I can say about my old mother. She is a courteous inhabitant of […]

  • Beginning of Auditorium 6(66) – Horror Short Story

    “Hill Valley Cinema – Grand Opening,” proclaimed a banner spread beneath the marquee.  Jesse Franklin pushed his black hair out of his face, stepped back, and marvelled at the newly renovated theatre.  As a boy, he had frequented the old cinema, seeing all three original Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones, and E.T.  Those had been […]

  • Excerpt from Latent Infection – Part Five (Horror Short Story)

    You can read part one here, part two here, part three here, and part four here. Note: This is the last installment I will be placing on my website, which equates to the first third of the story.  I will be publishing the entire story at a later date (for purchase).  I hope you’ve enjoyed this preview.   Cora […]

  • Excerpt from Latent Infection – Part Four (Horror Short Story)

    You can read part one here, part two here, and part three here. The Marsons returned from their weekend trip in better moods than they had been in weeks.  Even Tom, who was optimistic to the point of absurdity, remarked that the break was just what he needed. The family parked their Suburban next to the house and […]

  • Excerpt from Latent Infection – Part Three (Horror Short Story)

    You can read part one here and part two here. Over the next few weeks, Cora heard nothing strange in her new home beyond the usual creaks associated with older houses.  With her father gone on the road during the weekdays, he had hired contractors to begin work on the house. Among the people who were in and […]

  • Excerpt from Latent Infection (continued) – Short Story

    You can read the first part here. The first floor had a living room with furniture covered in sheets, the perfect hiding place if Cora had been ten years younger.  When Tom pulled open the heavy dark green drapes covering the large front window that overlooked the front lawn of weeds and overgrown grass, dust particles […]