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  • Tuesday Poem – Fences

    The Photoshopped white picket fence Always looks better on paper, But give me the dirty, holey, broken fence, Because at least it’s real. Maybe the fence needs to rot away, To fall down once and for all, That division between us. The crazy thing is, From my side, the grass over there, Oh, it looks […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – Dirty

    Some stains never come off, No matter the passage of time Or the effort to come clean. The grime infects to the core, Her center, which was ripped from her. Hide away, but everyone sees. Everyone but her — The irreversible damage. She knows brokenness as intimately As a hundred false lovers. She lies to […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – Late Summer Symphony

    God’s painted masterpiece of ever-shifting colors and clouds is splattered across the sky, And an equally brilliant work of ark reflects below, One on top of the other, mixing until inextricably bound up in a dance, Which the grasses tall and thin in the meadow join in To the sound of hidden cicadas And the […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – Luke

    He screams, terrified, angry, And tears stream down my cheeks, wet, desperate; I plead and ask what goes unanswered, And wish with dreamlike vanity for relief and release. Although his crying subsides outwardly, I often wonder if he shares in my deep inward weeping, Buried under mounds of smiles and the day’s busyness. This…this cheap […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – There I Abide

    Will you remember me In some distant land, Where we walked by the sea, Hand-in-hand? Will you feel my kiss Tender on your lips, Though years amiss? Green to red turn tips, As autumn claims her lot. Time slips away, And I am not The same as yesterday. Weary and worn, Years upon years, Tattered […]

  • Tuesday Poem – Rag Doll

    A verdant symphony echoes Above, around, below, Encompassing her free form, A tender touch, An ardent dance, But an embrace that withers When blows the cold tempest. Life is ripped, Their brown, broken skeletons exposed In a forest of death. She stops — alone — Falls to barrenness. The floppy rag doll tears — The […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – Always Hope

    When doubts and fears are closing in, And I feel I simply cannot win, Let the Lord be the only portion for me, To clear my blind eyes, so I can see, More deeply the plans He has for my life. We are not guaranteed no hardship or strife, But rather than trying to demand […]