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  • Creation

    Daffodil stems mingle with tendrils of baby-fine hair,  A crown above her fresh face. Eyes gaze at the world, anew. She makes her verdant bed among lush loam, The dew-spotted grass tickling her wiggly toes. The maiden stands, wobbles, and takes her first step. She falls, laughs– The sweetness of hyacinth breath lingers. Then she […]

  • Simple Commandments

    We want justice– Social, personal. Fairness. Yet within the church– Brokenness. One story, two sides. Both carry some truth, But the opposing side can’t– Or won’t– See the other side’s truth Or understand their story. Hurt. Brokenness. Misunderstanding. It shouldn’t be this way. Jesus weeps– The cracks his tears create Spill out his love In […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – A Gathering of Friends #poetry #poem #tuesday #poetrytuesday #amwriting

    The time is upon us once again When shorter days mark another year’s end. “Not enough hours in the day” Is often all we have to say. Commercialism and materialism Seem to cloud true holiday realism. Impatience in the checkout line, Illegal parking by a no parking sign, Running and rushing from here to there, […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – A Secret of Beauty Remained Untold #poetry #poem #amwriting #tuesday

    Where runs a mystery, My bleeding heart strays, Trying to seek a cure To put my mind at ease. There in the shadows Lies hidden in the dusk All that I find precious, Which others don’t understand. All the most amazing jewels Lie hidden for millions of years In a dull facade of rock, But […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – Inverted Reflections of Reality #poetry #poem #writing #tuesday

    The events of my life mirror themselves On the water of the static river. No water flows. When I look at the whole picture And reflect upon my arrival at this point, Images aren’t what they seem, Appearing to encompass my entire life. When I try to fit them into reality, These non-superimposable, seeming-only memories […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – A Story of Love #poem #poetry #writing #amwriting

    Do you want to hear a story That could be true? Are you sure? Do you realize just what You will be subjecting yourself to? Very well, I cannot stop you, Just as I could not stop… What could I not stop, you ask? I could not stop my heart From falling in love, Despite […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – To… #poem #poetry #amwriting

    To love, but to not be able to show it, To hate, but to pretend to love, To want to cry, but to smile for a while, To want to smile, but to break down in tears, To be quiet, but to scream from within, To scream, but to remain silent, To want out, but […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – Love and Pain #poem #poetry #amwriting

    In the pouring rain, Only then do I see That love can win over pain, And you still love me. The past has been set, But the future does remain. There is nothing I regret. From you I won’t refrain. Life is never clear With what it really means To live without any fear, But […]

  • My Beauty – Red, White, and Blue

      My beauty, she flies for everyone, In times of rain, in times of sun. I close my eyes and try To see beyond each lie, For falsehood is mud That longs to cover up the blood — Blood spilled with each life given For us and the land we live in. It’s not a […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – The Jagged Rocks Below

    Looking down over the edge And into the canyon below, Life looks different now. It is a beautiful day. The sky is pure sky, And the sun is shining high. The birds sing sweetly In the rustling trees, But that is all above her As her eyes see The jagged rocks below.   Looking down […]