Tag: autumn

  • Creation

    Daffodil stems mingle with tendrils of baby-fine hair,  A crown above her fresh face. Eyes gaze at the world, anew. She makes her verdant bed among lush loam, The dew-spotted grass tickling her wiggly toes. The maiden stands, wobbles, and takes her first step. She falls, laughs– The sweetness of hyacinth breath lingers. Then she […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – Autumn’s Dance

    Autumn’s Dance Like grains of sand flowing Through the hourglass, Counting down another second That beats into a day, The leaves dance above. Golden sunshine hues their yellow To brightest beauty. The autumnal ballet continues As the branches partner themselves With the wind, Whistling through the willows. The clap of thunder echoes, The distant darkness […]

  • Autumn’s Blessings

    Clouds lying low in the sky, The smell of warm apple pie, Leaves of orange, red, and gold, Such a lovely sight to behold! Picking the perfect pumpkin, Races through leaves–who will win? Shorter days, longer nights, Rainbow foliage brings delights! A chill in the air, But the kids don’t care As they ramble and […]