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  • Review of Hope Dies Last: An Alaskan Adventure by Megan Webb

    When I started reading Megan Webb’s book, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The main character, Mekana, works in a pet store in New Mexico and lives in an apartment with her sister, Bird.  The sisters are obviously close and love quoting movies, being goofy, and having fun.  While Bird is outgoing and easily has […]

  • Review of First of September by Kathleen Joyce

    You know that cozy feeling of holding a warm beverage, wrapped in a blanket, and curling up with a good book by the fire?  That’s Kathleen Joyce’s cozy mystery…with a murder or two in the mix. I admit that I haven’t read many cozy mysteries, but the appeal is inviting from page one of First […]

  • Review of Life as a Spectrum Mom: The Ups, Downs, and Upside Downs of Parenting Autistic Kids by Karen Pellett

    I love the title of this quirky and honest book because I am also a spectrum mom. Now try saying the title fast three times while I sit back and smile. Okay, in all seriousness (or not)… Can I really take life so seriously?  Karen Pellett, despite raising not only one kiddo on the spectrum, […]

  • Book Review of Production Values by Liv Bartlet

    Never mix business and pleasure.  It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, and there’s a reason for this.  The consequences can be disastrous. This is the premise of Liv Bartlet’s debut women’s fiction novel, Production Values.  This edgy, contemporary, sometimes cut-throat story takes the reader on an emotional ride through the throes of best friends, Kat […]

  • Book Review of Finding Kate by Pamela Humphrey

    Kate Westfall thought she was done with her family’s secrets.  Think again. Finding Kate is the second in the Texas Hill County series by Pamela Humphrey.  It immediately follows the first book, Finding Claire, which I highly recommend you read before diving into Finding Kate.  Otherwise, Finding Kate won’t make much sense! You can read […]

  • Review of The Blue Rebozo by Pamela Humphrey

    The Blue Rebozo is a fictionalized story based on facts the author had of her ancestors.  I can appreciate Ms. Humphrey’s love for genealogy, as I share this passion. When I wrote my book based off of my late grandma’s life, it was done in a similar fashion, although I changed names and the story’s […]

  • Review of Finding Claire by Pamela Humphrey

    Imagine waking up in the back of a van after being kidnapped with no idea who you are.  No memories.  No name.  Nothing. You have a photo with the name “Claire” on it, perhaps the only clue to who you are — your whole identity. You manage to escape, but you’re more lost than ever. […]

  • A Review of This Dread Road, by Olivia Folmar Ard

    A Review of This Dread Road, by Olivia Folmar Ard This Dread Road is the third and final installment in Olivia Folmar Ard’s Bennett Series.  Each book takes place on the fictional campus of Howard Knox College and University in Bennett, South Carolina.  The books are related in that there are characters overlapping between each […]