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  • Excerpt from A Laughing Matter of Pain – Chapter 8

    The living room is filled to the brim, so it’s with relief that I take Kat upstairs. I hadn’t realized what I was doing until we find ourselves standing at the top of the stairs.  The short hallway with its five doors — the three bedrooms, the bathroom, and the stairway to the attic — […]

  • Excerpt from A Laughing Matter of Pain – Chapter 6

    We wave goodbye as we step out the door.  The beams from the headlights of the jalopy pulling into our driveway are the only light we have to see by.  The car screeches to a halt, and something bangs under the hood.  The driver’s side door opens and a man steps out, followed by the […]

  • Excerpt from Arianna – Chapter 28

    “Maybe we can go bug my big brother now.  He’s always good for a laugh.” I gave his shoulder a little shove.  “You’re downright awful.” “I’m the younger sibling.  It’s my job to instigate, no matter how old I get.” We walked farther down the hall and stopped at the door at the end.  Marc […]

  • Excerpt from WIP Arianna – Part of Chapter 4

    When I walked into Nana’s house that day, she turned, elbow-deep in flour as she made bread, and said, “You’re home early.” “I quit.”  I took a seat at the table, placed my interlocked hands on its surface, and stared at my peeling nail polish. “You what?” “I quit my job.” “Why would you do […]

  • Excerpt from WIP Arianna – Beginning of Chapter 3

      After leaving Brad’s house, I drove in circles until I pulled into McDonald’s and ordered a large fries, two cheeseburgers, and a Coke.  I found a spot under a tree in the corner of the parking lot and turned off the car.  I kept the radio on and spent the next ten minutes eating […]

  • Excerpt from WIP Arianna

    Read Chapter One  Chapter Two Ping!  I raced into my bedroom, still dripping from the shower, trying to keep the towel pulled up around me.  My hands fumbled as I grabbed the phone off the bed, nearly dropping it on the hardwood floor.  It wouldn’t do to break another phone.  If I were smart, I’d invest […]

  • Excerpt from Mile Marker 139

    Today I’m sharing with you chapter three of Mile Marker 139. Read chapter one here and chapter two here. Chapter Three: Russ Jacobs His eyelids are growing heavy.  He’s used to lengthy stretches of road and long hours.  When it’s been nearly eleven hours of driving with only two thirty-minute breaks, Russ knows it’s time to […]

  • Excerpt from Mile Marker 139

    Today I’m sharing chapter two of my work in progress, Mile Marker 139: You can read chapter one here: Chapter One Chapter Two: Sarah Wilcox “Four years and all that money, and this is what you’re doing with it?” Mrs. Wilcox asks for what feels like the hundredth time that week as Sarah readies for work. […]