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  • When God Shows Up

    “I need You; oh, I need You.”  I tried to stop the lyrics from playing in my head. I didn’t want to hear them. “Every hour I need you.” Yet they persisted. “My one Defense, my Righteousness. Oh, God, how I need You.” (“Lord, I Need You,” Matt Maher) But I didn’t want to need […]

  • Excerpt: Opening of A Laughing Matter of Pain (Now Available on Amazon – RELEASE TODAY!)

    My new novel, A Laughing Matter of Pain, is now available for purchase here.   Chapter 1 Damp. Dank. Dusty. Dirty. It’s become a kind of game. I’m good at games. How many words that begin with the letter D can I come up with to describe this place? Disgusting. There’s another point for me. 1-0, […]