Poetry Tuesday/Blogmas 2018 – Day 25 #christmas #blogmas #blogmas2018 #christmas2018 – Christmas Truth

During this special time of year,

We hold our loved ones dear.

To give a gift is better than to receive.

In true spirit, we believe

The greater meaning of the season,

The central meaning and reason

Is Jesus’s birth

On this earth.

Like the babe wrapped up warm,

We can weather any storm

If all throughout the year

We keep the meaning clear–

Lights and tinsel on the tree,

Pretty though they may be,

Pale in comparison

To God’s only begotten son.

–written in 2017

Merry Christmas!


Poetry Tuesday – The Greatest Gift

Everyone gathered, young and old,

Around the Christmas tree topped by a star of gold.

Smiles spread across faces; the air was light and warm,

For it was many years ago the Blessed Babe was born.

Content with what they had heard,

They could now rest assured

That peace and goodwill toward all men

Would prosper as long as love would never end.

It seemed the snow falling gracefully had a way

To bring magic to this wondrous day.

The family thought of all the years all had cared

As those happy and sad memories they shared.

As the little children opened their gifts,

Oh, how high the spirit within lifts.

All those happy years seemed from other lands

As the little boy held the picture in his hands.

“Mommy?” he asked. “What happened here?

Where are all the people who shared in that cheer?”

“Oh, dear child of mine,

Sadly, things have changed with time.

All the elders are long gone,

And all the children have grown and moved on.

The winters have become so cold,

And Grandma’s little cottage was sold.

All the decorations were taken down,

And family has moved out of town.

I know things are not the same,

But one very important thing does remain:

The Greatest Gift, the Child of Love,

The Divine Savior from the Lord up above.”

Blogmas 2018 – Day 16 #christmas #blogmas #blogmas2018 #christmas2018

Hope for the Christmas Season

Such beautiful music fills the air,429377_10151361094345030_1804996509_n
Bringing its promise everywhere.
From far away souls, to those near, 
The message is the same, year after year.
To a place and time beyond does transcend
God’s mercy that does not end.
Many are lost, lonely, angry, or sad,
But true love overcomes all that is bad.
In moments of silence,
Let us fall to our knees in repentance,
Our true selves laid open and bare,
Every thought and feeling to share,
Not to feel awful and full of shame,
But rather to call on Jesus’s name.
Remember this and be thankful
For a most precious gift so beautiful,
Not only at Christmas, but all through the year,
Loving others as He first loved us so dear.
In right spirit of giving over receiving,
Let us hold fast to our blessed Savior, believing
That He is forever and everywhere.
Life in hope and not in fear.


Poetry Tuesday – A Gathering of Friends

The time is upon us once again

When shorter days mark another year’s end.

“Not enough hours in the day”

Is often all we have to say.

Commercialism and materialism

Seem to cloud true holiday realism.

Impatience in the checkout line,

Illegal parking by a no parking sign,

Running and rushing from here to there,

Never having a single moment to spare–

All this sounds familiar to us,

But what is up with all this fuss?

Do we still hear the voices of Heaven

Like we did when children of seven?

Do we still see the wonders all around

That God has blessed this earth to abound?

“Today is different,” we remark,

For a holiday is a time to embark

On a journey down Memory Lane

And step away from the world insane.

No doubt, the spirit will reside

In a happy household’s inside

Around a table of family and friends,

A gathering that, by tomorrow, ends.

Come tomorrow, will we suddenly forget

And later wallow in pity and regret

For having thought that one mere day

Away from the world’s twisted way

Would be enough time to truly cherish

The time with loved ones before they perish?

Sadly, caught up in living life on Earth,

We don’t think of our heavenly rebirth.

Like waves in the ocean,

We merely repeat the motion,

Until one day we crash upon the shore.

Then life is over, we live no more–

Well, life as we know it, anyway,

So do more than cherish one holiday.

Truly live life as it was meant to be.

Open your eyes and plainly see

That earthly life is too short,

So don’t you your chance abort

To enjoy today’s gathering of friends,

Knowing it mirrors Heaven and never ends.


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Blogmas 2018 – Day 8 #christmas #blogmas #blogmas2018 #christmas2018


A Merry Christmas

Smiles frozen in time decorate ruddy faces1980
And stare back at me, all bundled and warm
In holiday sweaters and knitted hats.
My fingers gently grace the baby
Who was once me in the old Polaroid,
The white tree with the red bulbs
And our stockings with our names in the background.
Grandma gazes back at me with the kindest eyes,
Her knobby fingers carefully unwrapping a gift,
Her patience to save the paper for another year.
The turkey still looks fresh out of the oven,
And I can almost smell the pies on the dining room table,grandmaonxmas
As all the family is gathered ‘round,
Ready to bless each other and the food.
Pictures are our looking glasses into the past,
Along with cherished memories of loved ones.
But as I look around me now,
I see the same smiles with those rosy cheeks
And get to actually hear the laughter and tales
That come with them.
The baby is my own son,
In whose eyes I witness the magic again,
And there hangs his stocking from our fireplace.
My parents are the grandparents, so happy and proud,
Bringing with them their own traditions from times past.2016
The meal is prepared before us to enjoy,
And we are still a family, still thankful to be so blessed.
This is the present, ever-fleeting and ever-changing,
Which is what makes it so special.
Life’s circle continues to turn as I age,
But it is beautiful,
And every Christmas is another reminder
Of how precious every moment is.
But lest we forget there is Someone much bigger than all this,
Let me just remind myself and everyone here
That Jesus is the true reason for our celebration.
In Him is our past, present, and future,
And that is a merry Christmas, indeed.

–written in 2010


Poetry Tuesday – The Only Truth

We find it strange

How the tear falls

A minute too late

After the flood has begun.

Sad, little, inquisitive minds,

Wouldn’t you like to know

Where the real danger lies?

A black, rotten heart

Falls to pieces in its own decay

And the remnants are broken down

To dirt on the ground.

It goes to show

What all our pride stands for

When the sand is washed

Down some undiscovered river

To the ocean’s forgotten depths.

Then it is too late,

Too deep, to reach far enough

Down into the damp, desolate hell

We create for ourselves.

Only then too late

Were our eyes truly opened,

Only to be blinded

By the fog of our sins

And the heavy blackness

Of our impurities.

This is the only truth

We succumb to.

–written in 1999


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Blogmas 2018 – Day 2 #christmas #blogmas #blogmas2018 #christmas2018

Ode to Christmas Insanity!

Shopping is done,
And presents are wrapped.christmastree
Wasn’t that fun?
More like whacked?!
Staying up late
Addressing the cards;
Now, wait,
What’s in my front yard?!
The mail truck is here;
Let’s run like a fool!
Oh, dear, oh, dear!
All this for Yule?!
Covered in flour up to each elbow,
More cookies to bake,
Stack and frost in a row.
Oh, for Pete’s sake,
What is that smell?
I forget one batch.
Oh, well, oh, well.
Start again from scratch!
I swear, if I get one more email
Begging for my business –
This is why I hate retail!
Nothing but a mess!
Pull out the tree
And untangle the lights,
Oh, whee, oh, whee!
This gives me the frights!
Here comes the cat
To knock it all down.
Now what do you think of that?
Maybe next year I’ll just go out of town.
Now, I think myself generous,
But how many a charity
Must ask for my Ebay bonus?
Do you want me to live in poverty?
Elf on a shelf
Can take the plunge in the lake;
I’m beside myself
With dancing in the snowflakes!