Precious Child of Mine

Little one, I love you so.

I watch as you grow.

From the day our eyes first met,

I have never had a regret.

Booboo kisses on the knees,

Climbing, hanging out of trees,

Learning, playing, having fun,

Crawling, walking, and then the run–

The days feel long,

But such is life’s song

That short are the years,

Filled with laughter and tears.

Before my very eyes,

You grow and I realize

So little you are not.

But, child, I never forgot

How precious to me you are,

You, my lovely shining star.

-written Sept. 2017

Heart and Home

A roof, walls, and a floor,

Windows, a garage, and a door,

These things a house make,

But to create a home we take

Memories, laughter, and tears,

Family and friends for years–

Spun together with a thread of love,

This gift so precious from above.

Mortar the bricks holds together,

But our joy can weather

Through every season.

The people are the reason

That no matter how far we roam,

Our hearts forever stay at home.

-written Sept. 2017

Poetry Tuesday – Desert Rose

Run rampant, flee away

With life held

In your sun-dried hands.

Heat ablaze,

Scorches desert dunes.

Sand mixes in a dance

Of campfire tales

Of long ago.

As the arid wind

Makes love kiss

Your avid lips,

There whispers a secret

Untold of magic lurking

Around every corner.

Should you dream

Of your prince tonight,

Your happiness has found

You amidst your wandering

Of sheer bliss

From the life-giving

And life-draining sun,

Upon both dead sands

And living winds.


Poetry Tuesday – The Pearl

Why do flowers not dance in fields?

Can you tell me why snow conceals

Our foundation and terrain?

Dare I speak in vain?

Yet I beg it not,

For if changing winds ought,

They blow away

Lingering sadness of today.

The burden lies on my heart,

But the heart doesn’t fall apart.

Friend, take my hand,

And walk the seashore’s sand,

Each grain, all the same–

Not such as goes by another name.

You find on the shore

Something never seen before.

An oyster, your world, unfolds–

Reveals a pearl that time molds.

Embrace all that rings true–

That pearl is inside of you.


Poetry Tuesday – The Underbelly of Silence

The underbelly of silence

Rests on easily breakable

Peace of mind,

Which when shattered,

Reveals utter quietude,

Driving the brain to darkness

And insanity.

Silence, it seems,

Rests too heavy then.

Voices stay forever confined

Within the bounds

Of our unknown parts

Of our imaginations.

–written in 2002

Tuesday Poem – Fences

The Photoshopped white picket fence

Always looks better on paper,

But give me the dirty, holey, broken fence,

Because at least it’s real.

Maybe the fence needs to rot away,

To fall down once and for all,

That division between us.

The crazy thing is,

From my side, the grass over there,

Oh, it looks lush and green,

But when the fence falls,

I find just as many weeds

On your side, well-established.

Let’s water together

As we release our tears,

Both sad and happy.

We’ll plant new seeds

Of understanding and compassion.

The blossoms of hope

That grow will choke

Out the weeds of lies,

Hatred, and division.

And no fence will go up–

This is God’s country–

You and I, working


Creating and building,

Sharing and loving.

Fences are walls

To keep others out,

To lock us in.

Tear down the fences.




Poetry Tuesday – Dirty

Some stains never come off,

No matter the passage of time

Or the effort to come clean.

The grime infects to the core,

Her center, which was ripped from her.

Hide away, but everyone sees.

Everyone but her —

The irreversible damage.

She knows brokenness as intimately

As a hundred false lovers.

She lies to everyone,

Most of all herself.

Her denial so deep,

It buries her.

She sees only dirt.