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  • Poetry Tuesday – Love and Pain #poem #poetry #amwriting

    In the pouring rain, Only then do I see That love can win over pain, And you still love me. The past has been set, But the future does remain. There is nothing I regret. From you I won’t refrain. Life is never clear With what it really means To live without any fear, But […]

  • Review of Eternal Flame: A Rose of Anzio Story by Alexa Kang

    Eternal Flame: A Rose of Anzio Story by Alexa Kang My rating: 5 of 5 stars This story is a YA, romance, time-travel, historical fiction. And I love the premise: a soldier from 1944 and a teenage-girl from 1989 in love! I don’t read many time-travel stories, but time travel is something that intrigues me, […]

  • A Year in Review…and Looking Forward

    A Year in Review…and Looking Forward

    In 2018, I… finished two manuscripts (fifth and sixth) completed about half of my seventh manuscript edited my third manuscript with the help of my writers group published my third book attended a writers conference at my local library for the second time attended the Algonkian Pitch Conference in New York City got feedback from […]

  • Excerpt from Mile Marker 139 (Unpublished) – Chapter 11

    December 31, 2017 – Sunday “You know I ain’t gonna be surprised,” Russ grumbles as Brandy drives. “Can you at least pretend?” his sister asks. Russ glances in her direction. Her wavy brown hair is pulled up in a high ponytail, and she’s dressed up, which means her nice jeans and a new sports jersey. […]

  • Excerpt from Rocks and Flowers in a Box (WIP)

    When I rested a hand on his warm back, and a snore elicited from his mouth, my lips eased into a smile. Tristan shifted, then stirred. He blinked open his brilliant blue eyes and found me. “Lorna.” He licked his lips, thirsty, unsure. He sat up. My hand flopped to my side. “Are you okay?” […]

  • Review of Cordial Killing (A Backyard Farming Mystery) by Vikki Walton

    Cordial Killing (A Backyard Farming Mystery) Description: Anne is excited for the opening of the Brandywine Inn. Kandi and Hope are her partners in the bed-and-breakfast in Carolan Springs, Colorado, where they also provide homesteading and herbal workshops for guests. As soon as the guests arrive, it’s plain that the five old college chums have […]

  • Excerpt from Rocks and Flowers in a Box (WIP)

    When Macy showed up at my side door with a large pot and an equally big smile, a subdued John standing behind her, I let them in graciously. “What did you bring?” I asked. “It smells wonderful.” Macy set the pot on my stove and turned on the burner. “Just some of my infamous vegetable […]

  • Excerpt from Rocks and Flowers in a Box (WIP)

    I filled two glasses and placed them on the table. We drew up mismatched chairs and drank. Tristan finished first and sighed with pleasure. I eyed him over the top of my glass. He gazed out the back window toward his house, the line between his eyebrows deepening. I put my glass down and asked, […]

  • Poetry Tuesday – Friendship

    There are many people Who come and go In our lives, But the precious few Who stay are real friends. They can look Beyond our flaws And see the living soul Inside the outer shell. A friend accepts another For who she or he is And loves every part Of that person, Even the parts […]

  • Chapter 4 of A Laughing Matter of Pain

    With the release of my newest book, A Laughing Matter of Pain, I’m going to be sharing the first four chapters with you in the month of October! Check back every Saturday for the next chapter. The book is available on Amazon here. Chapter 4 As the summer wears on, my brother continues to be an […]