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  • Character Friday – Meet Arianna Banks

    Every Friday, I will feature a character from one of my books, both published and unpublished.  The character will be presented as if he/she is writing about themselves in a journal entry. My name is Arianna Banks.  I was born July 23, 1992 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Most of my life, I haven’t stuck with anything […]

  • Poetry Tuesday

    Tuesday is the day I share one of my poems with you. Beyond Words, written 03/14/15 Words, perhaps preformed, fall from lips before their time, The truth in them still hidden in cracks, Where fall the lies away; In the fullness of time, truth forms itself to completion, Its transcendent quality grasping, Then holding firmly […]

  • A Review of This Dread Road, by Olivia Folmar Ard

    A Review of This Dread Road, by Olivia Folmar Ard This Dread Road is the third and final installment in Olivia Folmar Ard’s Bennett Series.  Each book takes place on the fictional campus of Howard Knox College and University in Bennett, South Carolina.  The books are related in that there are characters overlapping between each […]

  • Resolutions or Goals? – A Re-evaluation

    To some, the start of a new year is the beginning of promises, a fresh start, a time to try again.  Even though it’s just another calendar year, there’s something mentally stimulating for many to take on a new challenge in a new year, to better themselves, to start a new hobby, or whatever. To […]

  • My Wonky Writing Procedure… Or Lack Thereof

    After a week off, we now resume our regular programming… How many of you remember the dreaded research papers you had to write in high school?  Raise your hand.  Better off, don’t raise your hand.  That’s too reminiscent of being back in school.  But anyway, I’ll tell you this: if I never have to write […]

  • The Value of Fan Fiction

    My story has over a million reads and over six thousand reviews.  Wow.  Impressive, right?   Notice that I said “story” and not “book.”   That’s because what I’m referring to here isn’t an original story written by me that’s been published as a book.  Rather, what I’m talking about is a work of fan […]