The Trap of Comparison

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt

When I write a story, my characters face an obstacle they must overcome if they are to find their joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment, whatever. Fill in the blank. Oftentimes, our source of misery comes from comparing ourselves to others. Like Theodore Roosevelt’s quote says, the comparison game steals our joy. I’ve also heard that comparison is the source of misery.

It’s one thing to write about fictional characters having to overcome a struggle, but real life is not usually so wrapped up in a bow at the end of the story. One thing I hold to when seeking inspiration for the stories I tell and the characters I create is my faith in God. While my faith is sometimes only a mustard seed, it has proven sufficient through the storms of life. I hope my writing reflects that. God’s gift is my writing, after all, and I want to use it to bring Him glory.

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