Awesome Stories 372

I came across this blog this morning and am glad I did. Taking a few moments to read this inspiring post was a good reminder of spreading kindness. Look for ways to help spread kindness. Be intentional.

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories bring you peace parks, common ground, and kindness.

Philly Peace Park

What a wonderful solution to a neighborhood problem. Tommy Joshua noticed some teens in a lot near his house playing with matches. Recently, several area homes had been burned to the ground. Tommy decided they just needed something productive to do so he built a basketball court and started playing ball in his backyard. At first, the kids watched, then a few joined, then more and more as he became a trusted mentor to the kids. The fires stopped. Ever since a brush with Leukemia in his twenties, Tommy’s life has been about community organizing and public education. This led him to create North Philly Peace Park, a community-led system for food, social justice, and ecology. Their vision is to connect neighborhoods around Philadelphia first, then cities on the east coast, “as part…

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1 thought on “Awesome Stories 372

  1. Thanks Cynthia! Spreading kindness is fun!

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