Maintaining Your Personal Identity In Marriage and Motherhood

I love when a woman isn’t afraid to speak up about this topic. I am an advocate for maintaining your identity even though you’re a mom and/or a wife. Who were you before you got married and/or had kids? Too many women get caught up in running errands, cleaning the house, cooking the meals, and taking care of everyone else in the household that they neglect themselves. You shouldn’t do that.

No, seriously. You really shouldn’t forget to take care of yourself!

It’s not selfish. If you are miserable, you make everyone around you miserable, including your family. You are a better mom and wife by taking time for yourself.

Stop the guilt. Stop it. You are worth it!

I have seen too many women lose their identity. Once your kids are grown, then what? You find yourself a shell. You cannot live vicariously through your kids. They will grow up and move out (one day, haha), and you ought to feel proud that they have become productive, hopefully happy members of society.

Find something you do just for you, even if it’s taking a few minutes to meditate or read or take a walk. I work out most mornings. I write. I get a massage once a month.

My husband of 15 years and I still go on a date once a month. We will talk at the end of each day after all the craziness is over and the kids are in bed. I still go out with my friends.

And guess what? I still get the cleaning, cooking, and errands done. I still spend time with my kids. It is totally possible.

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