TLP Inspiration: July 2, 2018

A good devotional to read, especially at the beginning of a new day; a gentle reminder to stop, turn away from the busy road and take the quiet path, to stop and take all in:

Life Project Blog

Good Monday from the Heartland.

The path of life is not a wide one that is full of traffic and congestion, it is quieter than that.  It isn’t a great highway, it’s more like a quiet country lane…

Maybe if your life’s path is full of noise and traffic you should take the next exit and get on that other road.

As you walk along, you come across many things, some are beautiful, some not.  There are turns, twists, hills and dips. Sometimes you come across a cool and refreshing stream, other times you go a long way in the hot sun, with dust and bugs all around.  As you move along you come across places where you can’t see much because of the high brush on either side… and then there’s a fork and you must decide which way to go.

On such a lane you might want to…

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