The Go To Girls Blog Visits…. The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

I can understand your disappointment to not get to see your favorites. I am going to the MOMA in New York in a month, so I will get to see “Starry NIght.” Van Gogh’s paintings are all over the world! It’s amazing! I would have presumed the same thing as you about thinking all of his paintings would be at the museum named after him, but they are everywhere, a real tribute to his genius and legacy!

The Go to Girls Blog.

img_20180731_1015114270998924502908716.jpgI love Vincent Van Gogh.  In our house we have a large hallway wall along the top of the stairs and I decided to make my own private gallery.  I have my favourite paintings up there with the main one being the Starry Night although my all time favourite Van Gogh painting is View of Arles , Flowering Orchards.  I was over the moon when Chris asked me if I wanted to go to the Van Gogh Museum, he is very thoughtful like that and listens to the things I love.  img_20180731_1014035397145534363788893.jpg

As we arrived at the museum I felt a wave of emotion flowing over me as I said I love Vincent Van Gogh and to have the chance to be in the same room as some of his paintings was quite overwhelming.  We entered the front and gave the man on the door out tickets and made our way…

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