Poetry Tuesday – My Love for You

Nothing but tears as far as the eye can see,

But tears are blinding.

You cannot be

On the path to finding

Who you are.

All this fog and deception, the wound left a scar.

Blurry vision, twisted perception,

To where do they lead?

The ancient memories are haunting.

No life sprouts from the seed.

Life’s tasks are daunting

To an unguided soul such as you.

If I could see inside,

Would I find it is true–

From the world you hide?

Dare I speak your name

And try to reach your heart,

Would you call me insane

And pull from me apart?

The gap grows ever wide,

And the bridge begins to fall,

Yet you wonder why no one’s on your side,

Believing none love you at all.

How sad is such a tale

Of a lost child who refuses

To lift from his eyes the vale

That condemns and confuses.

Perhaps if I take a stand,

Ever-reaching for you,

One day you will understand

My love for you is true.


Poetry Tuesday – Within These Walls

If time could speak,

Would we find what we seek?

Memories long ago forgotten,

Children every year begotten,

Echoes down these long halls,

All hidden within these walls.


If time could see,

Would we find who we ought to be?

Words etched on aged stone,

Left cold and alone,

Shadows of what was rise and fall,

All kept within these walls.


If time could reflect,

Would we find what we call perfect?

Laughter since faded,

Emptiness invaded,

Forever striving to recall,

All shrouded within these walls.



Poetry Tuesday – Simply Be

Breathe and simply be,

Be and nothing else.

Where runs a melody

In the empty mind,

You have found something

Which you shall embrace.

Hold and simply be,

Be and nothing else.

Where plays a song

In the aching heart,

You have sought something

Which you shall believe.

Know and simply be,

Be and nothing else.

Where echoes a truth

In the lost soul,

You can unleashed something

Which you shall live.

Exist and simply be,

Be and nothing else.

-written 2002

Poetry Tuesday – Dwelling Place

Her mortal coil falls, shatters,

Yet her essence flourishes.

Within the depths of her hidden places,

She prances about,

As if embarking on a sacred journey,

A secret she won’t reveal in this fallen world.

If it weren’t too much to seek out the unknown,

She would pursue such a daunting task.

Eyes are blinded by her radiance,

For their failure to perceive what she really is.

Steady pace and firmly grounded,

Her wandering feet take her

Far beyond what most minds can grasp.

She has trod these destinations,

For in belief, she sees more than most.

Somewhere between life and death,

Day and night, body and spirit,

There she makes her dwelling place.

-written 02/06/02


Autumn’s Blessings

Clouds lying low in the sky,

The smell of warm apple pie,

Leaves of orange, red, and gold,

Such a lovely sight to behold!

Picking the perfect pumpkin,

Races through leaves–who will win?

Shorter days, longer nights,

Rainbow foliage brings delights!

A chill in the air,

But the kids don’t care

As they ramble and play

Day after day.

Mother Earth is wearing

Her colorful gown while preparing

For a long winter’s sleep

In the snow deep.

These and many more,

The blessings autumn has in store.